How do I enroll in an At Your Own Pace course?

All the enrolling at your own pace classes have the self-enrollment key at the top of the box in their course descriptions.

Steps ...

1. Log in to the account you want to enroll.

2. On the home page, scroll down until you see the matrix of courses. The graphics give you a lot of quick information about the course. along the side it will have a green "Enroll" if it is seating. The type of course can be determined by the GLAM code. A "G" shows you can take a peek as a guest without needing to enroll. A "L" means it is a live, online classroom course or club. An "A" means it is an at your own pace (AYOP) course (those seat year-round). An "M" denote a MOOC course (experimental). Click on the course you are interested in.

click on the course you want on the home page of the site

3. Locate the key for the course you want in the course description just under the GLAM graphic. Type the code and enter it for the type of account you are about to enroll into the input box at the bottom of that course description. Case does matter, so be sure to match capitalization. If it is an account that the student will be doing graded work in, use the student key. The parent key is for an account just used to track the student's progress and access the course for planning purposes.

Graphic that shows how to locate the AYOP key. This will have alternate text with the actual key in the real course description


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