Do I set up a family account or Individual ones?

If you only have one child, then go ahead and set up one account in your child's name or an alias that you feel comfortable with using.

If you have more than one child that will, over time, use VHSG courses set up a parent account and then separate accounts for each student you want to currently enroll in a course. Each account does need its own e-mail address. THe LMS will not allow the same e-mail address to be used more than one time. If you have a younger student, you can set up an account for setting up accounts for them but not give them access until you feel they are old enough. I did this for my youngest when he was 4 and have used it through the years when he needed an account for something ( for instance). He is now a young teen and I will gradually shift the e-mail account over to his use, supervised until I feel he is ready to understand e-mail etiquette and safety. The advantage is hat he is getting an e-mail with all of his accounts already set to it. It is a great way to go for setting up the VHSG account for your student.

See the "How can I track my student's progress?" article to learn about a great way track multiple children's progress from your own parent account via 'Parental Access'.

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