Are archived courses enrollable?

The archived courses are not enrollable. They are courses that are in storgae that have run in past years. Many of these have current copies that are running though.

From the site home page, the "Step 3 arrow" ...

... points down to the course categories that have enrolling courses at any given time. This pre-sorted list helps you to find the courses we have available for you fast and easy. Just follow the instructions in the graphics to self enroll in an ayop course (available year-round) or for who to contact if it is a live classroom option class. The live option classes are plentiful around the time of fall enrollment opening on August 1st of each year, but fill very fast.

If you go to the All Courses list you will see all the courses on the server including courses that are not enrolling such as training courses for our volunteers, courses in build, and the archived courses. It can be fun to see the totality of what we have, but I recommend sticking with the pre-sorted enrolling listings under that arrow on the home page of the site.

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