Are there office hours?

Yes! There is a site wide open office hour time and many instructors will often offer open office hours too. Don't forget that many of the site related questions that you may have may have answers right here at the Support Center. We also have the "Post a Public Question", "Email Us", and during certain days and times we even have "Live Chat" available in the right side bar of the Support Center.

The goal of the site-wide open office hours is to answer parent questions, help student when they are struggling with concepts, and to host student initiated and led study groups.

It runs in one of our live, online classrooms and has a whiteboard system that the student and tutor can write on, a text chat system, a full-duplex audio system (the student will not require a mic), application sharing, and more. It is a fantastic, well-tooled environment for both the teacher and the student to interact with.

Our open office hours run year-round except for 4, 2-week holidays at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter/Spring Break, and the 4th of July.

You can link in to the open office hours room by clicking on the graphic below, the one on the home page of the site, or the one in your 'My Courses' page in the left sidebar. The graphic also lists the days and hours. Here is what it looks like ...

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