Can my local co-op use your courses?

Yes! Since very early in the VHSG project we have provided content support for local home school co-ops.

Let's Get Started!
Using VHSG in your co-op is easy. Families sign up the same way they would for any other AYOP course except that they need to e-mail Tammy Moore at and give permission for their student's account to be connected to the co-op teacher's account. Be sure to give the names of the accounts (first and last name). Parents do not have to give this permission if they prefer their student's progress not be available to the co-op instructor, but if the co-op instructor wants to track their progress it can really help them to know how your student is doing. At the end of the school year, parents can send another e-mail requesting the connection to the co-op teacher be removed if we have not already updated it by that point. Remember that we won't know the end date of your co-op's class, so we will err on the side of later rather than earlier to disconnect the links.

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