Can my local co-op use your courses?

Yes! Since very early in the VHSG project we have provided content support for local home school co-ops.

Co-op Classes smaller than 15 students
Instructors of small, local co-op lab courses are encouraged to contact us after June 1st for the upcoming school year so that we can set up a group within our ayop course for that subject. We will give a special enrollment key to the instructor or co-op admin to be given to their student's families. When the key is given, it is required that parents also receive the information that if they use the group key it is showing they are comfortable with the co-op instructor being linked to their student's account to track grades and progress. If they prefer this not to happen, then they can use the regular course key which will not include that linkage. If they use the group key, the account will automatically put them in their local co-op's group.

Co-op Classes Larger than 15 Students
Larger co-op courses can opt to use the same method as the smaller co-ops, but they can may request their own course copy instead. Only their own students will be in the course and they control enrollments. Their co-op course will be listed in the co-op section of the All Courses listing. This is more work because the instructor will need to participate in training through the summer to learn how to use and customize the course and do their own tracking and grading (labs are the only hand scored items needed) using the LMS tools. Instructors that want lots of details about the students answers on the computer-scored quizzes, to grade the labs themselves, and completely make the course their own will love this option.

Let's Get Started!
Use the contact e-mail listed to the right and let us know your co-op's name, your account name (first and last name), and if you will be using the version for smaller co-ops or the larger co-op option. We will begin setting your group up. While we are doing that, encourage your families to make their accounts. If you are a small option co-op start collecting your permissions for being linked to students so you can send those on to us.

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