I cannot log in to the website (Moodle)

There are a few possible reasons ...

Symptom: I log in and it takes me immediately back to the home page. I keep going in circles. Help!
Cause: If cookies are not enabled on your browser the site cannot log you in. Check to be sure that cookies are enabled. Another cause with the same symptoms would be is the hand off of the server to your browser was fumbled and the cookie was corrupted. This happens about 5 times a year that we know of. It is rare but it can happen.
Solution: Try another browser to verify that is the issue. If you can log in using another browser, it is quite likely a cookie issue. Close the original browser and use the other browser to get your work done and then reopen your original browser for a second try. If the cookie had been corrupted, it will likely have expired by now on the server and a new cookie will be given. That will solve the problem if the cookie was corrupted. If you still cannot log in then Google your browser and the term cookie to locate tutorials on enabling cookies.

Symptom: When I log in, I see my messages in the main window instead of in a popup box. I cannot see the usual page to navigate around.
Cause: This occasionally happens on some browsers. You are actually logged in.
Solution: Just click your back button and use the browser's refresh button or just click any link that usually takes you to where you want to go and it will be fine.

Symptom: I cannot log in. I am on IE9 for my browser.
Solution: Double-check to see that your Flash Player is up to date. Though the Moodle log-in doesn't use Flash, we have had a report from a family that they discovered there was a problem with their Flash and they updated it and then they could log in fine.

If none of the above helps or seems to be describing your situation, contact us using the contact methods posted in the right side bar of the Support Center.

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