I cannot hear anything in the live classroom

The first thing to check is if the audio issue is just in the online classroom or if the audio issue is happening across all your applications. To test it, try anything that usually would give audio such as play a video at YouTube. If you cannot hear anything there, then you know if is a setting on your own computer or perhaps your speakers or headphones have failed.

If you can hear in other applications, then you will need to adjust the settings for the classroom. Log in to the classroom (you can even do this after hours).

On a laptop or desktop device ...
Look in the tool bar along the top for "Tools". Then locate "Audio" in the drop down menu and select "Audio Setup Wizard" that will appear when you hover over the Audio option. If you have more than one option for your speaker, try the other option and continue with the guided setup. It will play audio and you can indicate if you hear the audio or not. If the setting change results in you hearing the recording, you have fixed the issue. If you stil cannot hear it, restart the wizard and selct the original option again and let the wizard guide you through the steps.

Mobile directions for changing the audio settings coming soon.

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