How do I enroll in a live, online class?

Each school year, live classes pass through three phases. In early June we make the call for volunteers and start up the training that they are welcome to participate in. We have recorded, course, and live drop-in training opportunities. In mid-July the volunteers are asked to make a decision on if they will teach a class on commit day (usually July 15th). Based on that commitment the class enrollments go out about July 17th to the early seating group (families that volunteer or donate get early seating as a thank you). Everyone that has signed up for our newsletter gets an announcement on August 1st that lists all the classes, days, times, and details for the live classes. We used to enroll first come first serve but the sheer volume of e-mail, over 800 in a day two years ago, prompted us to change the seating to lottery for the open seating from the August 1st newsletter. Instructions for the lottery will be in the newsletter. People feel less rushed in making decisions than they did with first come first serve. We have been able to seat all or most students so far in our nine years of the project, mostly because of the kind hearts of our volunteers that add extra sessions when there are not enough seats to get everyone in with the original plans.

Everyone is always very interested in knowing what live classes are coming for the upcoming school year. Starting in June, the Facebook page is buzzing with news and discussions, so keep an ear to the ground to hear about what the volunteers are considering before commit day and what they have agreed to teach after that date.

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