How do I enroll in a live, online class?

While the AYOP (at your own pace) courses seat year round, the live classes seat at specific points in the year so all the students can start and move forward at the same pace. 

Live classes seat in two ways, the early seating which is a thank you to the families that donate or volunteer, and the general seating which seats starting at noon Central on August 1st. If you seat in general seating, no need to rush in to the site exactly at noon. We do not seat in a first come, first serve for general seating. That causes everyone to rush and not take the time to read course descriptions, ask their students what their interest level is, etc. You have a full 24 hour window to deeply consider your selections. At noon on August 2nd, we close new enrollments for live classes and see how well we matched up the number of seats to the number of student accounts. If we are short on seats, we will do a lottery of the student accounts to fill the immediate seats and then put the word out that we need additional volunteers to create new seats to seat the rest. Don't worry if you are in the waiting pool of student seats, we usually have many volunteers in reserve that are waiting to see where the needs are and specifically volunteer to get waiting students the seats they need. 

What if you are in the early seating? If you volunteer in the Mission Possible course page missions, volunteer to teach, or donate as soon as you do you do all accounts from your family are enrolled in the Early Seating course page for the upcoming school year. Communication from that course page will keep you in the news loop. That course will also list the seating key that early seaters use and the link to the temporary listing location for the live classes that is used prior to August 1st. On the first those courses are then moved to the front course page for general seaters to use the general seating key to enroll. 

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