I Don't See The Course I Want. When Will It Be Avaialble?

We now have a small team of volunteers that focus on building new courses. Each spring through early summer we make decisions about what we will put on our development plate for the upcoming school year. Some courses that are already running may get on the list for some updating and upgrading. New courses that we need to build for live class volunteers are often brought in so we can not only help with the live course build but also look at how we could put an at your own course build in to it as well. That way if a volunteer doesn't step up to teach it in a future semester or school year, the course can still be usable by families in the at your own pace mode.

What we are leaning toward for the upcoming school year:

Advanced Math is one of the oldest math courses on our site. We have changed many things about how math courses run, so we would like to 'bring that one in to the garage' for some much needed upgrading. The first priority is to get homework and quizzes in so students will not have to scan and send. This will also help the volunteer graders because more often than not the scans are hard to read. The one upside to scans is that the volunteer grader can see the work, so when students miss a problem they can see why. We have an experiment we want to try to set up this year that can give use the benefit of both. More on that after we get some beta testing in.

Math 7/6 and Math 3 will be the next ones in the build for new math courses.

Grammar - This build project gets moved to the front burner so that we can finish the build for the next school year.

Marine Biology - This is a special project we tried this year. We had three student courses, Captivate, Illustrator, and Photoshop, all team up for a student build of this course. Unlike our other science courses, this one isn't based upon the Apologia text. The students wanted to build a course where the content was learned withing a game/story and the assessments were done natural to the storyline as in-game/in-story activities.

Others are being considered too.

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