How Do I Log in to the Live Classroom

Live courses will have a log in link near the top of the course page in the middle column. If you are looking for the live open office hours help, you will have an Open Office Hours graphic in the left side bar of both the home page of the project and in your My Courses page. Click it to go to the page where you enter the name you want to be called by. It isn't a username or password type of input. You just use the name you want to have show for you in the participant's list. 

The name entry page may vary a little from one operating system to another, but the following elements in green will always be there ...
Most of the time, you will just find you arrive in the online classroom without having to do anything more than be patient for a few moments while everything launches. If you do not arrive in the classroom in one minute or less. Try to launch again and if you get a prompt to save the file, note where that file is placed. Go to that location and double click on the file to manually launch it. If you still have any issues, try the support link that is in the upper right of the name input page. Operating systems change the way Java launches from time to time and any alerts and temporary work-arounds will be there in the Collaborate Support Center.

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