Can I see a live class so I know what they are like?


Drop on in to the site-wide open office hours and I will take you on a tour. You can get there by going to the project home page at and looking in the left side bar for the Open Office Hours graphic. Note that there are 4 two-week holidays each year for open office hours (weeks near 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring Break - varies, but usually in late March to Early April)

If you cannot wait, you can view a recorded classroom event ... 

Physical Science Orientation -

We have recorded dissections for biology students to use as reference for their use in labs at home ...
From General Biology - Go to and look for links with the word "Collaborate Recording" in module 12 and 13.

We also had an opportunity to get cow lungs and heart, so we ran an informal open invitation biology session -


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