What is the recommended ayop work flow?

Week 1 of a module:
 Lecture Content

Look for Physical Science in the course list. Click on the link for the course. Scroll down until you see the first module block  ...


Week 2 of a module: Labs and Exam

In week 2, the focus will shift to hands on labs and studying for the module exam. Labs are optional and earn extra credit. This isn't because we feel labs are unimportant. It is to give families the maximum flexibility to use a local co-op or a lab intensive for labs.

Labs have a walk-through on the same resource page where you clicked to see the recorded lesson in week 1. These provide a great overview and sometimes tips and variation that can be done in the lab.

There are lab starters provided on the course page in the lab uploader in the lab section of the course page ...

Any proof of doing a lab will count such as a photo or note from mom, but taking the time to download and complete a lab starter (.doc format) will teach you about how lab reports are formatted. The grunt work of typing in the materials and procedures is done for you, but you will need to think through your abstract, introduction, input lab data, do the data analysis, and write the conclusion.

Preparing and taking the module exam is a natural wrap up for the module in week 2. It is recommended that the student retake the lecture quizzes to gauge their readiness for the exam. If the student can get the correct answers the first try, they are ready. If they need a second or more try to get the correct answer, then read the text for that question's topic area, look back at the lecture notes, or attend an open office hour for help.

When you are ready, click on the link for the module exam. The exam is one take only, but you can click save without submitting if you want to take a break. Look for the button at the bottom of the page. When done, click the Submit all and finish button.

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