Can I reset tests for my student?

Yes, for all the at your own pace courses, live science, and live math courses the exams can be reset with parental approval. Submit a request using the form at Often other courses can be reset as well. Contact the teacher to find out if that course allows resets.

Practice (lecture) quizzes do not need a reset request because they are set for multiple tries by default.
This link will also show up for students when the exam score falls below 80%. They must check the box that says they have parental approval before we will reset it. The exams have a required 80% or better score before they will show up as completed in the student's checklist. 

Why did we choose 80% or better as the completion score? Most courses build one lesson upon another. Having a score of 80% or better is sufficient to be sure the student will have what is needed later when the concepts are needed in future lessons.

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