What edition of Notgrass Government do I need?

You will need their high school level course, first edition.

Sometimes our courses are built from scratch and you will not need a text. Other times, our courses are built based on an already existing curriculum that we have asked and gotten copyright extensions for so that we can convert a paper test to the needs of an online course and online classroom. This is the latter type. You must get the Notgrass Government high school level student text to use the course. If you would like to preview the course, Before deciding to get the text and use the course, drop on in to open office hours and we will give you a personal tour or if open office hours happens to be out for the holiday or weekend and you cannot wait, we can provide temporary guest access. The Open Office Hours information is in the left side bar of the home page of the site

At the time we built the course, the 2nd edition was in the process of being written, but it would not be available until the fall which was too late to allow us to use for the build. Once the new edition comes out, we will review if we can set the course to use either edition or if only edition 1 can be used. 

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