Why are there headings and all those i's in the quiz navigation?

In quizzes, you will see headings that break up the quiz questions into groups. There will be a corresponding small square with an i in it in the panel for quiz navigation in the right side bar. The i stands for information which is what the headings purpose is. The quiz bank for the course is arranged into question pools. The headings correspond to those collections of questions on the same topic. often just one question will be shown on the quiz under a heading, but misses leading to the redo option will bring in new questions on the same topic as replacements to allow students to get more practice in precisely the topic areas that give them trouble. 


In addition, we have tried to make the Study Notes headings correspond to the headings in the quiz. The student then can have a fast way to brush up on that topic if they cannot quickly find it in the text.

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