How Do I Track My Student's Progress?

There are many ways to track student's progress. 

From the student account log in ...

You can get grades from inside the course itself by logging in and going to the course page. Look in the right side bar for the word Grades. Click it to go to the grade book for that course. 

If you want to see quizzes, just click to go in to the quiz and look for the attempt in the list that you would like to view. 

If you need a print out of the grade book or of a quiz, just use your browser's print function. It is usually under File in the browser's menu.

From a parent account log in ...

If you contacted us to have a parent account linked up to a student account, you can use the Mentor-Mentees tool to track progress. This tool is particularly useful for parents that have two or more students. 
You will find the Mentor-Mentees block on the Dashboard for your account and in the Profile view. You can get to the Dashboard by logging in and clicking on it in the Navigation bar on any page in the site. Profile view can be accessed under the Tools menu in the navigation bar if you prefer that location for the block. 

Here is an annotated screenshot for the Mentor-Mentees tool (Click here for full size image): 


It shows what it will look like and the features. I really, really like that tool. I think you will too. It gives just the right amount of details for tracking student progress. Your students get the tools through parental access on their dashboard as well. 

Just contact ...



Tips for printing grades for long-term record-keeping:

You can eliminate the sidebar before you print to save ink and paper. Just be sure to turn it back on when you are finished. Once you are on the page you want to print, look in the top right for ...

Hide Blocks

Select "Hide Blocks". 
Now you can print using your browser's print function (typically under "Print" in the browser menu).

If you just want digital records and you have no need for paper, there are many browser plug-ins that will add "Print to pdf" as a printer. This converts what you have on your screen to a pdf and lest you save it to your computer. Then you can print that out at leisure.  

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