Internet Explorer - Time to Change Your Browser

If you use Internet Explorer as your web browser, you may get unexpected behavior.  IE had gotten a bad reputation for its lack of web standards adoption and so Microsoft decided to retire it and replace it with Edge. It has only gotten security patches for the last year or two and even those will stop in 2020. This means it is now so far out of the web standards that most web pages are built on that it doesn't know how to render them properly. Website designers have coded in workarounds for the last few years but in light of the soon retirement of IE that is being done less and less. It is time to leave the one time king of the internet behind and move to another browser. Chrome is my top recommendation with Firefox a close second. Safari, Opera, and Edge have an okay web standard adoption, but there will be a lot of the newest features the web standards have to offer that you will miss out on since they lag behind Chrome and Firefox to see some of the newest and cutting-edge capabilities of the net, you will usually see a message to use Chrome on those web pages.

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