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slide requreiements

Ginny — Jul 24, 2017 08:20AM CDT

Are the Apologia recommended slides, blood test and other dissection items (eye and heart) required for this course?

1 Community Answers

Tammy Moore - Jul 24, 2017 10:50AM CDT Best Answer

We know that families like to do labs locally with a co-op, so we have all labs set to extra credit. There is no impact to the student’s grade if labs are not completed in the course because of this and by extension lab supplies that may be required will be fewer. At the high school level, colleges do expect science courses to come with lab, so do select at least 5 of them from the course and keep the lab reports for a portfolio of work if a college asks.

If you do not have a co-op, which can greatly reduce costs for lab supplies because many can be shared as a group, consider seeking out families within driving distance that would like to pair with your family for labs.

There are also many ways to use items from around the house instead of purchased items. A styrofoam vegetable tray, sewing pins, and a safety razor blade works pretty well for small dissections such as the eye. Several times, we have gotten dissection specimens when we have heard that local farm and hunting families were getting ready to stock their freezer. You just have to be ready to hit the ground running as far as time goes. You have about a 24 hour window and parts need to stay iced or in the fridge. We have done eyes, cow heart, and cow lung this way. Usually you can get these free.

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