Account Creation


If I am only seeing my one son's name on the top right of my screen, how do I find my other son's account? I might have signed up with the same email.Hhow do I change that so my children will have se...

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How to I add my students in a Parent-Student account?

I created a Parent-Student account, but I don't know how to add in my students. I need to add four students and track the progress of each.

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Voice thread

When accessing the lesson my daughter is working on, she pressed play$ it forwards her to "voice thread." We have set up a voice thread account already, but are unable to pull the lesson from voice th...

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Can Student & Parent both have account?

Can Student / Parent both have account? I registered for his classes with my account. Please let me know what to do next. Thanks :)

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How many accounts?

I am confused. I have one student. Do I need one account or two (one for student and one for parent)? If I only need one account, do I use the AYOP enrollment key for the student or for the parent?

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