How do AYOPs work?

AYOP coop classes; maximum occupancy

We would like to start an AYOP co op class. Is there a limit to how many students can enroll? Would our AYOP co op be only available to our students or would it be something that is posted and available for any...

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AYOP Chemistry

My son just took the first exam and got quite a few wrong. A few of them gave an explanation but many did not. Is there a way to see the correct answer (especially for the free form answers) so we can see whe...

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Looking at what was missed on an exam

My daughter just took the first exam in the AYOP Chemistry and did quite badly. I would like to look at the test to see where she's having trouble before I have her take it again, but can't find a way...

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How are points deducted

Would you please clarify how points are deducted on lessons in Saxon 54 AYOP. Specifically, how many points are deducted if a student gets a wrong answer to a question, or answers the question wrong multiple t...

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