How do AYOPs work?

AYOP coop classes; maximum occupancy

We would like to start an AYOP co op class. Is there a limit to how many students can enroll? Would our AYOP co op be only available to our students or would it be something that is posted and available for any...

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Physical Science

Are tests, quizzes, and assignments for AYOP supposed to be turned in to the website and someone else grades them? Or is that done by the parent? And is the parent keeping all the scores and such in the record ...

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AYOP Chemistry

My son just took the first exam and got quite a few wrong. A few of them gave an explanation but many did not. Is there a way to see the correct answer (especially for the free form answers) so we can see whe...

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Looking at what was missed on an exam

My daughter just took the first exam in the AYOP Chemistry and did quite badly. I would like to look at the test to see where she's having trouble before I have her take it again, but can't find a way...

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How are points deducted

Would you please clarify how points are deducted on lessons in Saxon 54 AYOP. Specifically, how many points are deducted if a student gets a wrong answer to a question, or answers the question wrong multiple t...

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