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How are points deducted

Natalina Ehlers — Jan 01, 2017 06:50PM CST

Would you please clarify how points are deducted on lessons in Saxon 54 AYOP. Specifically, how many points are deducted if a student gets a wrong answer to a question, or answers the question wrong multiple times. Also, if points are deducted for students taking too long to finish the lesson and what the time limit is.

1 Community Answers

Tammy Moore - Jan 03, 2017 02:51PM CST Best Answer

There are no time limits.

For homework assignments the point value of the question will be listed in a box just to the left of the question. If the student misses the question on the first try, 50% of the value of that question will be lost, but they are reminded how to get live help in the open office hours. They get to try again. If they miss it on the next try all the points are gone. In some questions (eventually we will have this for all questions), the solution steps will be shown. The student can get that question replaced with a new one of the same type for all point value being restored by clicking the button again and looking for the REDo button in the box to the left where the total value of the question is. Nearly always, the replacement will be a different question, but do not worry if the same question pops up again. These are drawn randomly from the question pool. The redo feature is a great way for students to get extra problems to try in the problems they are having trouble with so they can nail down anything they are struggling with.

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