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Please help me understand the downloading of science experiments in AYOP

Michelle Casteel — Sep 07, 2017 09:41AM CDT

This is our first year to use an AYOP class. Would you please tell me if my son does the lab and downloads the lab starter, fills it in on his own document and then downloads it to the site, does it get graded by someone at VHSG or am I supposed to grade and enter it? I am just a little confused. Thanks!

1 Community Answers

Tammy Moore - Sep 07, 2017 09:50AM CDT Best Answer

In the top block on the course page, you will find a tutorial for how to download the lab report starters. I want to be sure you spotted that one. In the lab report starter, the typing for the more grunt work stuff is already there: materials, procedures, etc. We were finding students would be so tired out by typing all that in they would put less effort on the thinking parts of the lab, so we set these lab starters up to make it easier to put the time in on the important parts. We used brackets to make it easier to spot where those important parts are for the student to place their own thought and experiences in the lab they do. When finished, just upload them in the uploader for that lab. Our volunteers grade them. We aim for once a week, but it may be two in the months of August and September due to the workload of getting all the classes up and rolling. Since we are all volunteer, usually there are few hands doing much work. By October all the added ‘get the school year rolling’ tasks are done and we get into a regular weekly grading rhythm. Usually grading will be done in the time window of Friday to Monday since I teach on T, W, and Th.

Tammy Moore

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