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AYOP Chemistry

Stephanie Zimmerman — Sep 07, 2017 04:45PM CDT

My son just took the first exam and got quite a few wrong. A few of them gave an explanation but many did not. Is there a way to see the correct answer (especially for the free form answers) so we can see where he went wrong (many of the wrong ones are related to significant digits)?

1 Community Answers

Tammy Moore - Sep 07, 2017 05:08PM CDT Best Answer

The answers will show up after the exam is submitted. Just go into the exam review mode. Also, I recommend going back to the practice quiz for theSignificant Digits and Scientific Notation and do that over and over until the student can get the right answer the first try. In the practice quiz, there are a lot of supports such as a hint level and if it is still missed the walk through on how to solve it is provided. The student can click the Try Again button and the question will be replaced with another problem of the same type. That is perfect for learning the skill and it is perfect for showing when the student is ready. If those hints keep being needed to get the right answer, the student is not yet ready for the exam. So, make it a goal to never do an exam until retakes on the quizzes can be done with right answers the first try.

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