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AYOP coop classes; maximum occupancy

Laurel — Jan 09, 2019 10:03AM CST

We would like to start an AYOP co op class. Is there a limit to how many students can enroll? Would our AYOP co op be only available to our students or would it be something that is posted and available for anyone to join?

1 Community Answers

Tammy Moore - Jan 09, 2019 01:39PM CST Best Answer

There is not a limit on AYOP courses. Currently, co-op students enroll in the same course as all AYOP students but what is unique is that their accounts can be connected to their co-op teacher’s account (parents send an e-mail giving permission). We used to make course copies for co-ops that would only be used bu their students and set the co-op teacher up as the teacher in the course. That was great because it gave full access to all the student data (what they answer in quizzes, for example) for those in their course. When we moved to the new server and a new edition of Moodle, we found making successful course copies was significantly more difficult than in the past. It might take 5 tries to get a success. Each try would a take a few hours and only one could run at a time. We had to cut back to fewer course copies just to make it doable. We discovered last summer what the issue was. Our server host accidentally set up out server on one with an ancient deprecated file system. They migrated us to a correctly set up server and course copies have been much easier since then. We are quite likely to go back to our original way of doing co-ops where they can have their own course copies again. there is a minimum of 15 students as a requirement. We had a few times where there where only two students in a course and couldn’t justify the space the course took up on the server or the time to make a copy for so few. No upper limit though.

Tammy Moore

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